Friday, April 7, 2017

Home Improvement Hacks: How To Remove Stubborn Gum From A Table

Hands up of you have kids at home! I bet, there are a lot of parents here who have playful and cheerful kids. And of the most all-time favorite snacks for most kids is the chewing gum. Who would not be amazed how you can make some bubble out from the snack, right? However, this is also one thing that worries most parents – putting gum anywhere, especially on the table. And removing gum from a table is one of the most daunting tasks at home. Agree?

It doesn't matter if you are a resident of Solstice or any other real estate properties in the Philippines, you will experience this kind of situation especially if you have kids at home. But fret not, although this might be a daunting and frustrating task for some parents, there are already tricks or hacks where you can effectively remove the gum without any hassles at all.

Scrape gum off using a blade

On this method, you have to be careful not to leave a mark on your table since you are going to do some scraping on the gummed surface. Well, you have to carefully press the blade between the gum and the table's surface, and push the blade gently across the table. A dull edge is advisable for you to use. However, if you don't have such, then a sharper blade should be used with caution. But before you scrape the gum off, try to put a little vegetable oil for easier removal of the gum.

Rub with vegetable oil

The use of vegetable oil is not just for cooking your favorite meal. This is also a helpful and effective element that helps remove gum from a table. Well, just soak the paper towel in the vegetable oil, and then rub the area vigorously. Since oil is greasy, the gum should release from the table. And the good thing is, any vegetable oil will work on this method.

Apply ice cubes

Whether you realize it or not, ice cubes are an effective thing that can remove gum. Ice cubes can freeze the gum into a more solid element. Just put a dozen ice cubes into a plastic bag and put it again the gummed surface. Wait for minutes until the gum is completely chill. And once the gum is chilled or frozen, it would be much easier for you to remove the gum through the use of a dull knife. But make sure to use the knife carefully for as not to leave any marks on the table.

Dab with peanut butter

Who would think that a peanut butter is an effective tool to remove gum? Yes, you heard it right! All you have to do is put a small amount of peanut butter on the gummed surface, and let it sit for 15 minutes until the gum can be easily removed by a knife. Wonder how? Since peanut butter has some oil in it, it will help dissolved the gum and release it from the table. If you don't have any peanut butter at home, then try to refer to number 2, or any oily substance such as mayonnaise, make-up remover wipes or even facial moisturizer. These products will help you remove the gum.

See? Removing of gum is not that hard as you think it is. Well, you just have to make sure that you think before removing the gum with your hands – it's a no-no. You need to follow some tricks for an effective and successful removal of the gum on your table. Moreover, as a parent, tell your kids not to put gum on the table anymore. At least with that, it would be lesser hassles in life at home.

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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Top 6 Secrets Spot At Home to Hide Your Valuables From Thieves

Whether you realize it or not, we humans are good at hiding. Not just hiding secrets from our family and friends, but also with our valuables. Perhaps, you want to hide something because they might get mad or jealous over a simple thing; or from the potential thieves with some good sense of sight.  Whatever the reasons may be, it is undeniable that you want to hide something. That's it! However, even if you live in any condo in Manila, there are limited spots you know. And I'm sure it is not a good spot to hide something, right?

However, if you are desperate enough to hide your things yet you don't have any idea at all on what and where you should put those valuables, then let me help you by giving you these six secret spots at home you probably don't know you can safely put your valuables.

1. Wall art

Just like your bedroom mirror, you can also choose to hide your valuables behind your wall art. With a flat wall surface, who would notice that there are some things hidden behind it. Well, just make sure that your wall art is not suspicious enough for a person to be curious to look what's behind it. Moreover, the flatter it is, the more it is convincing it is.

2. Air vents

Air vents are not just used for bathroom or any other rooms for the circulation of air. If you are wise enough, you can install a faux air vent storage units in hallways or even in your bathroom. With that, burglars or any other sensitive eyes will notice it. They will assume that it is one of the real vents you install for the room. Of course, who would not teach that air vents are also a good place to keep your valuables at home.

3. Closet light

If you have a closet light at home, then this is also one of the places where it can be safe to hide your valuables. Any person will not notice the things hidden inside especially when the light is on. Well, if you are willing to pay an amount of money, then you can also purchase a closet lighting without any need for wiring. With this, it will not be that obvious to any other person that you are hiding something in there.

4. Books

Yes, books. Some books are made for storages. There are shops such as Etsy shops that sell secret safe books. This kind of storage is fancy enough that it gives us an illusion that it is a real book. Of course, its feature is almost the same as the real book. Its texture, design, size, shape is a book. But you also have to make sure that it is hidden in a place where it can't be reached by anybody in the house.

5. Pantry items and cleaning supplies

Household cleaning supplies and other cleaner products are one of the safe places where you can hide your valuables. Well, if you plan to put your things inside, then make sure that it is clean enough for you to use. Moreover, choose a cleaner that it is not that useful at home. With that, it is still safe whenever someone wants to use a particular cleaner.

6. Bedroom mirror

It is not just your ordinary mirror. If you choose to place your valuables in this storage, you better have a good idea on how you can properly put the things behind it. Perhaps, you can install a bigger mirror where no one will notice that it has a back portion for storage use. If not, then you might as well willing to pay a good price to purchase a secret storage mirror where even large things can easily fit inside.

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Friday, March 31, 2017

5 Smart Ways to Keep Your Utility Bills Down

For some homeowners, utility bills are not a problem at all. Perhaps, they have some devices that help lower down the electricity. However, paying the bills more than what you earn is going to be a pain on your wallets. And I'm sure you don't want to experience such all over again and again. Right?

If you are one of those homeowners who is still struggling with it, you can put a stop on it. It doesn't matter if you live in a condo BGC, or any other real estate properties, you can keep your utility bills down by considering these tips below.

1. Compare what they are charging you with now with the bill from last year

The payment of your bills will change from time to time, depending on how you used your appliances or electricity. However, here are just times that you don't know why or how you have high bills to pay. That means you have to be keen on the things you do. If you think there is something wrong with the meter, then you might as well ask some help to fix that problem. Perhaps, that particular problem is one of the reasons why you are paying too much for it.

2. Get familiar with how to measure your home's energy usage

Whether you realize it or not, each home has its different energy measurement. And if you are not familiar with yours, then you might not know if it eats a lot of energy in one usage. That is why, before moving in or buying a particular appliance, you better make sure that it can save more energy than any other appliances you have. Also, it is also a plus factor when you know how to read the fine print for you to have an idea of how much energy you used.

3. Keep track of which season tends to be the most expensive for your household

This is one of the most common reasons why you usually pay high bills. Sometimes, we tend to use more electricity especially when we have visitors in our home. Of course, you don't tell your visitors not to use that particular thing to save energy. Right? It is ok. However, it is your responsibility to keep track on those times for you to know why you have pay that particular amount on your bills.

4. Unplug all the appliances if not in use

If you think that it is ok not to unplug your appliances even you turn it off, then you better think again. And whether you realize it or not, that particular appliance is still working since it is still connected with the electricity. However, you can save big time if you immediately that particular appliance every after you used it. Don't forget to make it as your habit to avoid unnecessary add-ons to your utility bills.

5. Turn all the lights off always when not using them

Ok, let's admit! There are just times that we tend to forget to turn off the lights every time. Perhaps, we are just so engrossed with the things we do, or we just merely forget to turn it off. This is one of the basic things you need to remember. Yes, even if turning your lights off is as simple as 123, but it gives a great impact to your bills. We recommend the use of LED lights. You can save more if you use LED lights in your home.

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Friday, February 17, 2017

Home Decorator's Checklist: Top 5 Things You Need When Renovating

"I work on adrenaline. I find it exciting to work fast. I lose inspiration and interest if it takes too long. I can't imagine ever being one of those decorators who takes years and years to finish a house." - Muriel Brandolini

Undoubtedly, you cannot decorate your home when you do not have any materials to use. Right? When you decorate, you often need tools for you to get started. And for one to achieve the desired outcome, a homeowner should have a good toolkit – but of course, you do not need to buy a kit all at once lavishly. However, if you want to have a better result, it is best for you to invest in well-made items that will last a lifetime. Even if you are still planning to invest in property such as Makati condo for rent, a home decorator must have their own toolkit.

Perhaps, it may be understandable that most homeowners cannot have the right tools since they do not have enough budget for it. But if you do not have any of these necessary tools mentioned below, then you cannot achieve the result you want to have for your home.

1. Measuring tape

One reason why the decorations are not correctly installed is that it is not properly regulated on where and what spot should you put the things you want to display. Perhaps, for some, "eyeballing" may be useful. However, that may not always be the case. You need to have a measuring tape for you to make sure that you will have the right measurement for each corner or space for you to have a better result.

2. Drill or screwdriver

Drill or screwdriver is necessary tools especially when you want to hang something on your wall. Of course, this would help you hold whatever things you want to display. Moreover, screws are great when you need to tighten up some things to make it more durable enough on the wall or any corner of your home.

3. Hammer

Hammer is one of essential tools you need to have at home. Of course, you do not want to make the work difficult for you, right? That is why you need to have a hammer included in your toolkit to make sure that you can use it anytime whenever you want to do some renovations at home. And if you are still planning to buy a hammer, you have to make sure that the handle of the hammer is comfy enough for you to use.

4. Pliers

Aside from the fact that pliers are one of the most essential tools you need to have at home, pliers are also good for cables and other things that you need to do. There are different kinds of pliers, for crosscutting electrical cable, you need to have the side-cutting electrician pliers. For reaching into electrical boxes to trim away the cable's sheath and paper, you need to have the diagonal pliers. And for cutting old rusty nails, screws, staples and clips, you need the ironworker's pliers for it. This only means, you need to make sure that you know which pliers are best for you to make sure that you will have a better outcome of the decorations at home.

5. Ladders

If you think ladders are not important when it comes to home renovations, then you better think again. Of course, there will be times that you need the ladder especially when you need to reach for your ceiling. Ladders are also important when cleaning your ceiling. There are just cobwebs that are stubborn enough for you to get. That is why you need to have ladders to make sure that everything will be included in the cleaning.

Quick Guide: How to Prep Your Home in a Minute

"The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment." – Marie Kondo

Here's a typical scenario. Your friend called you unexpectedly; they need to stay in your home for a night. And yet, you do not have any time for a cleanup. What to do? Let's just face it; we sometimes find cleaning our home a hassle. Especially when you have so many things to do, cleaning is the least we can think of. Some of you here probably have so little time considering the hectic schedules you have, but whether you're living in a High Park condominium or any real estate property in the Philippines, there is no reason for you not to clean your home especially when you have guests coming.
If you are worried about having no time to clean at all, or you just simply not in the mood to clean, then fret not! There are ways on how to clean your home in just a minute. Here's how.
Tidy up
Before you can add some decorations on your home, one of the must do things for you to do to tidy up first. Of course, you cannot move on to the next step when your home is still messy. Of course, you definitely don't want to hear some bad impressions from your guests, right? And mind you, when you don't know how to tidy up your room, it will also reflect on who and what you are. Tidy up your home is not that hard as you think it is. All you have to do is place the things back to its proper place for as not to look messy around your home. And if you have some trash or dirt, then it is also your duty to clean it up. It's definitely a simple cleaning.
Clean and restock the bathroom
One of the important rooms in our home is the bathroom. Agree? Well for some homeowners, it is definitely a no-no. Of course, it is where we make ourselves clean. That is why our bathroom should also be clean. And mind you, some guests make the cleanliness of a bathroom a big deal. That is also why you should be keen when it comes to cleaning and changing the things and other toiletries in the bathroom.
Make the guest bed with fresh sheets
When your guests decide to stay for a night, you have to make sure that all of the bed sheets, pillow cases, and blankets are all clean and fresh. You also have to make sure that you also tidy up things in the guest room, and remove things that are not that necessary for their use. Moreover, creating enough space for them to move around the guest room is also one of the things you should consider. When you have a clean room for them, they will most likely have a good rest.
Check lighting and privacy
Even if they are your guests, they also deserve to have some privacy. Before you let them get into their room, you have to check first their door knob whether if it's broken or not. If it is, then you better change it immediately. Moreover, if you think that the light of their room is not that good, then you also have to change the lightbulbs. Of course, you should also not forget about the window; there should be coverings to secure their privacy.
Stock up on morning essentials
Bread, coffee, tea, fruits, cereals, or a breakfast meal, should all be found in the kitchen. Of course, you definitely don't want to make your guests starve early in the morning, right? Moreover, labeling the things in the kitchen will make a convenient stay. And as much as possible, you should also stock some other food that they want to choose to eat.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Basic Condo Maintenance Hacks You Can do by Yourself

Home maintenance is an essential responsibility of everyone. Whether we own a place or just renting for a particular period, being able to keep the home's cleanliness and comfort level is a must.

While it's now easier to ask professional support for repairs, there are minor issues that we can personally address without having to spend. Below are some essential maintenance hacks you can do once in a while to keep your unit clean and conducive for living.

De-clog your drain

Drains get clogged over time as a result of all the debris, hair strands, and other items flushed through it on a regular basis. When not maintained, this debris could accumulate and eventually block the passage of water down the pipe. As a rule of thumb, it's advisable to conduct a regular check on your drain to make sure that its clean and free of debris that may clog the passageway.

Remove the drain cover and collect the debris that has accumulated. After taking them off, pour baking soda or hot water with vinegar into the sink to flush down all the remaining debris.

Patch cracked wall

Living in properties like the Solstice condominium means that you also have to deal with other tenants in the building. The room you occupy may be connected to another room occupied by a different tenant so there is a chance that the shared wall connecting your units can exhibit initial signs of cracks. As a preemption method, take the time to patch those cracks before it affects a bigger part of the wall.

An effective suggestion is to use a drywall mesh tape on top of the crack. You can then top it up with a drywall mud. To achieve an even surface, you may then repaint the entire wall as soon as the drywall mud dries up.

Cover up damaged furniture

No matter how good the quality of furniture is, there will come a time when it would wear out as a result of frequent usage. Instead of instantly deciding to throw the broken material, explore your options and patch them up.

Broken furniture destroys the overall appearance of your condo interior so you either take them off or do something to remedy the damage. For cracked glass tables, for instance, you may decide to cover them up using creative tablecloth fit for your interior's theme.

Put powder to remedy squeaky floors

This is an old trick found useful by a lot of homeowners who have issues with squeaking floors. Talcum powder is the most popular option used by many owners. Just lather the floor edges with the powder using a paintbrush.

Freshen up the atmosphere using citrus fruits

The bad smell is a real turn off in any home setup. Apart from its negative impact on convenience, it can also be a health hazard especially if you let the smell stay for long. The cause of the smell may be from a rotten food that can carry airborne bacteria. A recommended home remedy is to gather empty jars, preferably those made of glass and put in some citrus fruits.

Try slicing orange or lemon and place them inside the jar. You can also add water to lengthen its lifespan. The natural smell of these citrus fruits is efficient in driving off the bad smell and providing a fresher, healthier scent to your place.

Be more responsible in taking good care of your private quarters and make sure all things are functioning well. Be mindful of the initial signs of damage and address it as early as possible. The earlier damages are repaired, the smaller the problem. Don't wait for the issue to escalate where you will need to pay high. Provide the necessary solution ASAP.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Common Rental Issues Experienced by Condo Tenants

With the unemployment rate in a drastic increase, more people from provinces are deciding to move to the city and find more opportunities that can make use of their skill.

Some companies who ask their hired employees to relocate pay for all the transfer expenses, but for those who voluntarily settle for a temporary residence, finding quality accommodation that is both accessible from their company office and major transport location is a must.

Modern units such as those condo for rent in BGC are among the top picks of tenants especially those who have a decent-paying job and can afford the convenience that this accommodation offers. Still, amidst the good reviews on most condominiums, there are widespread concerns that are often experienced by tenants around the country. Below are the most common ones.


There are certain rules when it comes to condo occupancy, and the best options are those who make sure that their tenants have a comfortable room that they can live at without having to worry about another party occupying the same unit.

Aside from private occupancy, overcrowding happens when one condo building allows more people to live in different rooms more than what they are originally designed to carry. While some people may not have problems with this, other meticulous and sensitive tenants will have unique concerns, especially with the noise.

Rights of entry by the landlord

Landlords, by their ownership of the land, have the right to visit your personal space perhaps to conduct regular checkup in the case of needed repairs. However, this must be done with prior notice especially if you are occupying the room alone and have properties you don't wish others to see.

Despite the knowledge of this basic etiquette, we still hear reports from tenants who were caught off-guard by their landlord's visit and invasion of their private quarters.

Repair or maintenance coverage

Ideally, the owner of the land you are renting must be the one responsible for any repairs and maintenance in the space. Aside of course if the damage is so high and there is a viable proof that you caused it because of carelessness.

However, there are land owners who refuse to perform their obligation and just let their tenants take care of the damages. Some residents don't mind, but for those who are very meticulous on their expenditures, having to spend for the repair, which is supposedly not their responsibility is a hassle, not to mention a financial burden.

Keeping of pets

There are land owners who are very strict when it comes to tenants taking care of pets. The reason is primarily that of convenience considering that other people in the building might be allergic to pets or may feel uncomfortable with all the loud barking typical of dogs.

Those who have pets and are unwilling to get separated with their favorite home companion may find it difficult to find a unit that allows them to house the animal without any hassles.

Issues with furniture accommodation

Most, if not all, kinds of condominiums are already furnished. This means that necessities such as tables, chairs, sofa set, and bed are already present in the room. If, however, you wish to add other furniture such as a television set or a sound system, agreeing with the landlord beforehand is vital.

Many owners refuse to allow extra furnishing especially those that are run with electricity because this could mean added expense when paying for electrical bills.

Condo units are known to provide a convenient, complete and accessible place of residence, especially for city life. Still, it's highly recommended that you negotiate with the land owner, agree to specific terms and ensure that a written contract for your tenure is duly signed.