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Home Living: 5 Pieces of Furniture for a Teenager's Bedroom

Teenagers have a different perspective of decorating their bedroom. They have some requirements concerning layout because of their needs. Active teens need extra storage space for their gadgets, sports equipment, and school materials. Meanwhile, academic achievers would enjoy a comfortable study area and a comfortable bed in your new home in the South.

Unfortunately, there are constraints to consider when living in Vermosa estate. The room's square footage and your budget are some factors to think of when designing your child's bedroom. The design may be ready, but these constraints may limit your freedom to recreate the specific style of bedroom. Thus, you may reconsider investing in the essentials of the room. Stock up on the foundations of the room before adding trinkets and other unnecessary tidbits in the area. Purchase these pieces of furniture first before anything else.

1. Bed

leather, pillows, bed

The bed is essential in every bedroom. Since the room is a teenager's sanctuary and escape from the world, it must have a comfortable bed relieving them of the demands and pressures of the world. A comfortable bed has the right mattress and bed frame. It also has enough room for your teen to move around when sleeping. Therefore, you must take in the size of the room. It tells you how much space to have on the bed while sleeping. Consider a double bed or a queen-sized bed for extra room and comfort.

Besides the size of the frame and mattress, the bed must also provide back support. Spring and slat beds are best for back support. Spring beds require spring mattresses while slatted bed bases work with latex and foam mattresses. Don't forget to add a headboard to complete the look of the room. There are metal, upholstered, and wooden headboards you can purchase or you can make your own.

It's best to shop for a bed and a mattress at the same time. A new mattress on an old bed won't last long as it would on a new one.

2. Bookshelf

wall hanging, shelves, hanging shelves, red wall

Bookshelves are often the most abused furniture at home. They are highly versatile. You can lug them around your house until you find the best spot. Moreover, they come in different styles and sizes. It also has various features depending on the material and functionality.

When buying a bookcase, remember that the price will depend on size, material, and manufacturer. Still, you must prioritize how you plan to use it in the room to figure which bookshelf best fits your teen's room. Once you have an idea how to integrate the shelving unit into the bedroom concept, you must measure the width and height of the area. Ensuring the measurements determines if adjustable-height shelves, wheels or moveable dividers complement your teen's storage needs.

3. Study Desk 

Deciding on the perfect desk depends on the task, function, space, and shape. These trace the right material, size and surface area of the desk. If there's a desktop computer, the table must fit the keyboard and mouse. It must house the computer tower and printer while tucking the wires and cables neatly. If there are piles of paperwork, it is useful to have a large surface area. That way, there's enough space for books, writing materials, and filing activities.

Storage is also crucial when selecting desks. Some surfaces come with drawer and shelving units. Having this type of desk in your teen's room solves the lack of storage solutions.

4. Chair

Teenagers are likely to select a piece of furniture based on aesthetic rather than quality and impact. They aren't aware of the impact of a supportive office chair. The chair must complement the desk but still offer back support to avoid strain and leg problems.

As much as possible, go for a chair with adjustable height. Your teen is likely to undergo a growth spurt after a year of acquiring a chair. You can still use the chair in the years to come due to its adjustable feature. It's critical for the back to recline. A 135° angle places a minimal strain on your back. On top of that, it must have a proper seat depth and adjustable lumbar support.

5. Vanity Table

makeup, brushes, mirror, vanity, makeup supplies, beauty supplies

The best vanity tables are those with oversized mirrors giving you a great view of your outfit and backside. Some teens may oppose the idea of having a vanity in their room because of the style and design. They need not worry as there are different forms and styles in the market. Small rooms can use vanities with full-length mirror cabinets or vanity with folding storage.

If you have an unused full-length mirror, you and your child can glam and reinvent its style. Pair it with a table or install a hanging shelf to complete the look. Try not to rule out the collection of jewelry, makeup brushes, hair gel and other grooming essentials when setting up the vanity. The size of the surface, as well as storage solutions, will depend on these items. Most of all, don't forget lightning. It's necessary to have the right voltage and kind of lighting installed.

The bedroom is one of the few places a teenager can express themselves. It is where they can discover their passion and try out their likes and dislikes. Hence, their room can be like a Monet. The combination of design works but looks like a big mess up close. It's best to guide you teen with decorations and to pattern their bedroom based on the latest trends. Most of all, you must remind them of the importance of selecting the right furniture to place in their rooms.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Useful Home Items People Forget on Move-In Day

It is undeniable that move in day is one of the most stressful days after turnover. Packing the home decorations and appliances from your rental or former home takes a lot of effort especially when you have a lot of items to consider. The stress becomes twofold when you have to do it alone. Your partner caught up with the workload is no fun when you are just about to move in together. At the same time, packing children's toys, books, and other sports equipment bought in The District Imus can be an emotional affair once you start recalling the good times you had in the area.

All of these can make you forget what to pack and bring over your new home. Having a moving in together checklist will remind you the things to take with you or purchase once in the new neighborhood. Homeowners and renters tend to forget the necessary and most useful items. To avoid inconvenience or delays in settling in your home, you can consider adding these functional items to your checklist. Sorting the objects by room is one way to maintain organized when packing.

1. Bathroom


It is the most unattractive yet significant item to have to lie around the loo. The plunger is the answer to bathroom woes as it unblocks toilets, sinks, and drains. Its rubber flap folds out to fit snugly into the opening at the bottom of the bowl or tap and create suction. There are two kinds of plunger available at home improvement stores or the home cleaning section of supermarkets - the cup and flange. The cup plunger is useful for a blocked sink drain. Meanwhile, a flange plunger on-hand is best for the toilets.

Clothes Bin

The dirty clothes you remove each day needs a place to stay. It doesn't matter if you put your clothes on wash daily. The pile must have a place to stay unless you want them to be a tangled lump on the floor. Thus, you must have storages for the tops, bottoms, and undergarments especially when you schedule your laundry on weekdays.

First Aid Kit

Accidents are unpredictable. You can cut yourself while unpacking your stuff or have a wound that needs attending. A first aid kit nearby easily patches you up. Don't forget to stock it with the necessities and tools to use.

2. Kitchen

A Bottle of Expensive Booze

Stock a bottle of your poison—a champagne, whiskey, scotch—to celebrate any occasion or milestone.


Does water stain or rings on surfaces of coffee and dining tables irk you? Then you better not forget to have some coasters with you. Though coasters are widely available in home section and home improvement shops of The District Dasmarinas, being ready with your own set helps you save your furniture from diminishing its value and beauty. You will enjoy a cup of coffee or tea without the pressure or maintain the state of your surfaces.

Fire Extinguisher

It's best to stock it near sources of fire to minimize the damages in case an emergency ensues. Find out how to use it so it won't remain a display.

Food Processor

Those wondering the importance of a food processor should get one. It cuts cooking time in half and limits the mess you create during meal prep. You can shred, slice, mince and puree fruits and vegetables for a short period especially if you have to provide for a large group.


A mixer is a must for fanatics of baking. A stand mixer is steady but takes more counter space than a handheld electric mixer.

Oven Mitts

Homeowners and renters with an oven at their place must ensure they have oven mitts. Moving in with a boyfriend is exciting, but it isn't as fun as getting your hands burned. Some may find these unnecessary because they can substitute kitchen towels or any cloth available. Unfortunately, these substitutes can lead to nasty burns on your skin.

Porcelain Flatware

Dinnerware is the best investment when considering kitchen accessories. You will use it to entertain guests and feed your family. Make sure to go for plates, saucers, and serving platter that you will love. You can go for bright colors and bold designs or stick with neutrals, Make sure to choose dishwasher friendly flatware.

Salt Pepper Shakers

Every detail counts once you settle in your new abode. Salt and pepper shakers that aren't plastic adds sophistication to your dining set. The shakers are also handy in times you wish to add flavor to your meals.

3. Bedroom


Your jewelry needs a safe landing after a day of painting the town red. Clumping earrings and ring isn't a pretty sight. It can also scratch surfaces or result in discoloration. The same goes for necklaces and other accessories. Add small trays, tiny bowls, and other decorations that can serve as storages on your list.


The light will guide you during a blackout or power outages. You won't have to stumble on the things in the dark. If you already have one, check if it still works. Replace its batteries and survey its bulbs. Get a new one if there's no hope for your trusty flashlight.

Garment Steamer

It glides over the fabric and easier to use than the traditional iron. People on the go and jet-setter should have one.

4. Living Room

Window coverings

The dusty blinds from your previous address won't work in your new one especially if you plan to change room aesthetic. Secure your privacy by upgrading your window treatment. Adding luxurious drapes on sheer curtains prevents nosy neighbors from peeking into your casa.


Toss the vacuum that doesn't work and get a new one. Purchasing one guarantees results whenever you deep clean.

Both homeowners and renters have several things to manage upon moving in a new place. Therefore, they are likely to miss out on the small appliances and home accessories to include on packing day. You will only realize the value or need for the item once it's missing or out of sight.

Note: This post was first published on January 1, 2016, as "When Moving In: 7 Useful and Important Things Most Renters Forget To Have." It has been updated to be an accurate and comprehensive guide to homeowners.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Joy of Having a Home: Defining a 30-Something's Home Style

The home design you have in your 30s varies from the one you use to have in your twenties. The past decade was for indecisiveness and exploration. You were energetic, adventurous and curious. You were alone or with a partner. You focused on your career instead of building a family. Thus, your home was open to family and friends. It had lots of color and textures. There were mismatched covers, patterns and random pieces of furniture.

It's understandable as you had different wants and needs during that time. You also faced challenges regarding your paycheck. As you age and step up, your paycheck gets bigger and you have more money to spend. You are sure of your career path, and there might be a baby along the way. You may currently have one running in the area. Therefore, your home style turns from tacky and flashy to practical and refined.

Though some thirty-somethings already have a grasp of their aesthetic, some are still trying to figure out what they want to include in their house and lot for sale in Cavite. If you lack ideas on what to include when decorating the cheapest house and lot for sale in Philippines, here are 6 items you must have once you reach your 30s.

1. A great piece of art

Besides a lamp and overhead lights, nothing brightens your day than seeing your favorite piece of art on the wall. Gazing on the artwork for a few minutes gives you some time to reflect on warm memories.

2. A pup or plant

A living thing such as a puppy or a green leafy plant brings life to your space. It also creates a healthy environment. Dogs require movement so you'll be forced out of the house. Meanwhile, a flower or a succulent adds color and beauty while clearing the air of toxins.

3. A high-quality mattress

Photo taken by Alisa Anton

It's not enough to sleep on a bed made of foam. Bet your money on the mattress that best supports your form. Research about them mattress types and consult the assistants from the store for the one that fits your budget and taste.

4. A set of dishes for dinner parties

Photo taken from Unsplash

Adults still know how to have fun. They entertain themselves through dinner parties. Potlucks, wine tasting events, and invitations of hosting a three-course meal on weeknights are some of the activities on their social calendar. To join the fun, invest in porcelain dishes. Paper plates and red cups just aren't classy.

5. A handy garment steamer

Photo taken from

These years are for when you jump from one meeting to another. It's also the time when you meet a client or a customer. You want to look your best - professional and polished. A garment steamer ensures your outfit is in great condition. Best of all, it makes a cheap ensemble turn to a high-end find.

6. A reliable vacuum

A true-blue adult cleans up after themselves. Unfortunately, those who do have limited time. They have to pick over home responsibilities over their working hours. Hence, they need tools and equipment to keep things simple. A reliable vacuum cuts cleaning time in half and gives them time to accomplish other tasks at home.

Home style comes naturally once you do your homework. Keeping the items, you treasure in your current home and discarding those that don't work anymore helps you define your aesthetic.

It's best to account for your family's interests too. Your 30s are all about family and deep connections. Making a kid-friendly environment, incorporating personal touches and embracing open spaces are some home elements that elevate the joy in your home.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Organized Home: Doing More Out of a Home Office

Taking your workload at home isn't a great idea. It's extending the stress of the office to your home. That's why organized people need home office design ideas to put an order in their house in Cavite. They need accessories, furniture, and other office furnishings to complete their makeshift workspace.

Coming up with a home office design for your home depends on the nature of your job as well as other people who will use the space. You must also consider the available space in your home as it will dictate where you must place your workstation.

Whether it's a small condo or an expansive Vermosa home, there must be a home office. Use the style ideas below to become highly-productive when working at home.

1. Living Room Station

Placing the sofa against the longest wall provides room for other pieces of furniture in the family room. If there's a window nearby, you can put the desk in front of the window to free the center and gain more out of the room's floor area. The living room becomes open and airy rather than cramped and crowded. Another technique is to place the desk behind the sofa. Bringing the couch at the center stage takes the attention out of the working area. Thus, fewer people will fuss over your work-in-progress.

2. Within-Reach Storages

Storage solutions are popular to fans of office supplies and home organization because they like things neat and in position. It's a must to have drawers and shelves especially if kids will use the station as their study area. All of their needs must be in one place. Pencil, pens, markers, art supplies, and paper should be on paper trays, pen holder, and desk trays. Doing so minimizes the disruption of creative flow.

3. Hiding Spot

Some homes come with closet rooms on each floor. Others have one which becomes a spare room as it's small to sleep in but enough for other functions such as an office closet. If you have an extra closet at home, why not install some shelves and add a micro desk? A popping color like tangerine or electric blue will complement the warm light while making the room less claustrophobic. There's not much room for other supplies and pieces of furniture. Still, the tiny room comes with a door that allows you to work in peace.

4. Slide Floor Units

The best pieces of furniture and organizing solutions are multi-functional. It's a win-win situation to have an item of furniture you can use and store in the same area. Incorporating a sliding floor unit is one way to keep bulky items such as printers and tattered books out of sight. Moreover, they also act as home decors. You a can find a variety of storage units in home decorating stores. Using the slides keeps your mind off keeping the area organized and gives you additional time to come up with solutions ideas for work

5. Co-working Spaces

Low-lying wall units put a twist on the way you work. A long row of wood panel with drawers underneath makes a great co-working space. Those who need a surface can sit on the floor while catching up on their task. Painting the top with the same color as the wall makes it seem natural. At the same time, curating a gallery won't look so bad too. The floating wall unit is a home office feature that allows people to bond while working.

Some people need a fuss-free working space while others enjoy the luxury of having a company. It's up to you to find which works best for you and the people who'll use your home office. That way, you can have an organized home and do your tasks most efficiently.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

8 Home Design Trends To Ditch in 2018

If you need a reason to revamp your home, then use the new year. Besides a fresh coat of paint, removing pieces that are no longer work for you should be your top priority. Imagine a new condo in Nuvali, Laguna. Do you think it would have design elements from last year? Not a chance.

Before you start opening large trash bags or making an inventory for a garage sale, you need to look into the trends that didn't make 2018.

1. Bamboo panels

Say goodbye to your dreams of hardwood floors made of bamboo. Wooden boards made of bamboo are less durable than boards made of lumber. Consequently, the trend is slowly ebbing as a sustainable home design. The trend’s popularity from the recent years resulted in the expansion of bamboo fields. Most farms and foliage became bamboo plantation to accommodate the demand, 

The production of bamboo also exhibits high carbon emissions. Since most of the material is produced elsewhere, mostly in Southeast Asian countries, it is far from its market. To become an ethical homeowner, you must choose materials locally produced.

2. Bare shelving

Open shelves and wall storages are aesthetically photos. In real life, it’s a hassle to maintain the stack of items on each level. It's bothering to place things on top of the other. Imagine how long it would take for you to wipe off the dust on each item.

3. Brass

Brass stands on the same level as rose gold. It's at the point where everyone has a hint of brass or faux gold in their home. The color and material still have its glam, particularly unlacquered ones. However, using it to all the elements at home - water fixtures, furniture, and hardware - makes the area less organic.

You can replace some of the items in your home with other elements. You venture to other metallics or paint the details with dark mattes or pastel neutrals.

4. Exposed lights

Bare lights were also part of the vintage home styles. However, the trend can is now oversaturated. You can see track lighting in stores, studios, and offices. To avoid looking crowded and gaudy, you can incorporate recessed lighting instead. It keeps the room looking clean and minimalist.

5. Granite surfaces

It’s much better to embrace low maintenance materials than those that need constant polishing. Granite had its moment in 2017, but it’s time to trade it for something visually appealing like marble. You could also try quartz. The material is sleek and full of luster. Though granite is versatile, it can be quite dull and dated.

6. Industrial pieces

Industrial pieces of furniture and decorative elements are still acceptable in contemporary design. These parts have character and personality which helps bring out the theme of the place. Unfortunately, some manufactured pieces can seem unnatural.

You must avoid the faux industrial look when decorating. It makes the area outdated and feel artificial. If you want to incorporate items that have a story to tell, go for vintage artworks, statues, sculptures and antique centerpieces.

7. Rustic details

Reclaimed wood, pieces of furniture and the charm of the countryside has no place in 2018. The new year focuses on the sleek and the sexy. Combining old and dated pieces of wooden furniture, dark varnishes and salvaged treasures can be too much. 

If you want to make the trend work for you, it helps to combine elegant and polished pieces. A wooden coffee table works well with a curved pastel loveseat. Stained kitchen cabinets are best with a marble or quartz countertop.

8. Stark white rooms

Next to black, white is the second versatile color in the areas that drabble with the design. The color is full of light which effectively illuminates the dark parts of a home. Painting with white is a cheap way to add illumination in a room. However, the color is already oversaturated.

Designers and trendsetters are looking for ways to break off the pale color. Adding neutrals and other dark colors is a powerful way to enhance the look. Using a different material is another way to refresh your current home style.

There you have it! If you have these eight design trends in your home, think it thoroughly and assess your current home style. Some of them may still work for you. If not, consider including them in your yard sale or trade them for the sleek and polished pieces of 2018.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Home Living: 4 Ways for a Lively Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Thus, it should be a place that aims to spread joy and fulfillment. Though food will make you happy, being in the kitchen should be enough to make you smile.

When you spend extended periods in a room, it's a sign that you enjoy your time in it. Cooking, stocking food supplies and chopping off fresh produce for your next meal should be the only things that will make you visit the kitchen. You can influence each member of the family to appreciate your home's have by making these changes.

1. Get a view of the dining table

Some properties can have small kitchens. Space can be limited and can only fit one person. Lively rooms are open and spacious as they allow as many activities that can occur.

If you stumble upon the cheapest house and lot for sale in Philippines with a limited kitchen floor area, make sure it has a great view of the dining area. The sight of family members looking forward to chow a tasty meal is enough to fill the space with happy vibes. Moreover, you get to hear the happy chatter and the musical sound of the cutlery while preparing the day's meal.

Make sure you have a functional dining table. A circular glass table that resembles a martini glass is elegant and uber chic. It will fit right into an affordable condo. Large dining areas are best with long, rectangular tables perfect for large families.

2. Clear the area for cooking

Keep the stovetop oil-free and gleaming. If you have a white kitchen, maintain its scot-free appearance. White cooking areas appeal to a lot of homeowners because of its brightness and cleanliness. A clean kitchen is considered well-kept and organized while bright areas seem to have more life than the rest of the rooms at home.

Wash the tools after you use them and keep them in their respective places. Ensure they are dry to prevent bacteria from growing and rust from spreading. Use soap and other cleaning agents if you have to and stash them in cupboards out of children's reach.

3. Embrace open shelves

Wall shelves, wire racks, and mounted cabinets without doors are trends of 2017. Expect the trend stick until the next year especially with the rising popularity of condo living.

Small spaces win big time with open shelving because it provides design and storage solutions. They are also affordable and easy to install. You can mount planks of wood or wire baskets with the aid of various tools.

Most kitchens use these kinds of storage to display a collection of wine and prized china. You most definitely can use this type of shelving for everyday flatware and various kitchen spices and tools. You can paint the wall a contrasting color to make white ceramics pop out. You can hang new stem glasses, pans and pots above the island counter for the ultimate freestyle kitchen.

4. Sanitize the surfaces

Regularly replace the rags and sponges you use to clean the area. Wet and damp cleaning items are breeding ground of microorganisms that can cause various sickness. A disease-infested room will won't contribute to a conducive space for living.

To avoid the spread of diseases, you can wipe wet areas with a dry cloth. Alternate from using the rags, so you have time to wash them. At the same time, keep appliances like blenders and tools such a can opener in pristine condition by wiping off the grime and sterilizing each time you are done using them.

Maintaining the cleanliness of the kitchen is one way to entice other people to enter the space. Besides the neat and orderly appearance, adding appealing features such as showcasing your best dinnerware and highlighting the dining area makes the stay in the kitchen more enjoyable.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Home Living: 3 Ways To Decorate a Deserted Nook

Most homes can't avoid an empty corner. A house may end up with an irregular shape that makes it impossible to find a way to work around it. It can pose a challenge in decorating as well as identifying its function.

A house and lot for sale in Cavite may or may not have this problem. If it does, here are some ways you can make use of the untouched corners of your new home.

1. Bring the party at home.

You can be ready to entertain visitors and guests by placing a cart or filling a cabinet with beverages and favorite drinks at the corner of your home. It quickly brings life to the isolated area of the room.

If you plan to use a cart, choose a vintage design. Most of these carts are made of brass and other metallic materials. They include intricate designs that can bring a different ambiance to the area. It adds luxury and creates a classy feel. Place elegant pieces of accessories such as spare glasses, a vase of flowers, scented candles, and even a framed photo. 

For a steady setup, you can install a wall-mounted cabinet or bare shelves. The mounted storage provides extra space for ice buckets, tongs, and mixers. You can use the surface as the tabletop to maximize its utility. Add high chairs and stools to complete the look of your bar.

2. Use the area for work.

To make the most of an empty corner, you can transform the area into a place that helps you accomplish your daily tasks and goals. Consequently, bringing the action in the secluded part of the room directs people's attention to it. Hence, the area becomes an integral part of daily life.

You can set up your home office in the corner of the bedroom. Setting your work table on one side of your sleeping quarters retains its tranquility while allowing you to pile an work on high energy activities on one side. To make it work, choose a desk that can accommodate all of your projects and supplies.

If you require a wide surface, take a large and sturdy desk. Make sure the surface is smooth and free of bumps. That way, you finish your drawings and write-ups in peace. If the color of the desk is a problem, be sure to pick one in a neutral shade. A white wood, black glossy or matte lacquer and gray steel desks are some examples of tables in basic shades that can complement any room style. 

3. Use nature as an inspiration.

Some homes feel complete except for the nook devoid of life. Often, these spaces are cramped and limited, so they are left untouched. They only become important when you sweep the floor and dust the cobwebs. Sometimes, they only come to mind during spring cleaning.

If you still have deserted spaces at home, use the area to help your home become healthy and a friend to nature. Get inspired by the natural ambiance of the outdoors. The sunlight, flowers, trees and chirping birds are some of the Earth's gifts that you can include in your home.

Increase the brightness of your indoors by adding floor lamps or table lamps by the corners of the room. If you plan to enhance the beauty of the place, you can add a side table with a vase. Go for a vessel with minimal design to hold your favorite flowers. Flowers are not only visually pleasing, but they also give off a pleasant smell. You can even go for tall plants so you won't have to replace the contents of the vase each time the petals start to wilt.

These are examples of what you can do to achieve a decorated and well-organized home. There are other things you can do to make your home a happy place. Those decisions will depend on you and your family's lifestyle.